Our predictive dialer uses an increasing exponential algorithm that gives a higher percentile value to the most recent data, resulting in more accurate dialing spent and a higher contact rate while meeting the expected abandonment rate.


Increase your B2B contact rate. Maximize the use of automated function such as AMD, Automatic VM delivers, Dynamic IVRs, Right Party contact and Outbound Agent Skill Based routing while maintaining a one to one dialing approach.


Preview – Manual
You agent will be able to study the customer data before starting a conversation. You can choose to hand over the calling decision to the agent or automate the dialing after an event or time window. Our manual dialing mode can be customized to add call validation, area restrictions, Time Zones, dialing objectives and is compliant with CRTC, FTC and TCPA regulations.


In the projects where a reminder call is needed, surveys must be completed, an appointment validated or an automated process adds value to the transaction, our customized fully interactive DBRs include TTS, ASR and can work your local CRM/DB or integrate to a third-party software. All this, while having an agent always available online when and if needed.

The Predictive Dialer in-depth
A hosted predictive dialer system like Centcom plugs in remotely to your existing phone lines and can be installed within minutes. Our system dials into your phone lines, so you pay no long-distance charges.

Power and Flexibility Wrapped in Simplicity

Once installed, the Centcom supervisor and agent suites enable you to plan, manage, track and execute your calling campaigns with all the functionality and flexibility of a hardware predictive dialer.

Supervisors manage the calling campaigns through an easy-to-use interface that contains intuitive tools and real-time reports and statistics. Because Centcom is user-programmable, supervisors can build their own reports and interfaces.

Agent interfaces are programmable too, so you can choose which scripts and information fields pop up when a call is connected. A messaging tool enables agents to chat with supervisors or other agents.

Our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions, concerns or issues you may have concerning your Virtual Call Center.

Definition: The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers and connects a live agent with the call once a live voice is detected. The agent no longer has to deal with out-of-service numbers, busy signals or unanswered calls.

Benefits: Predictive dialing maximizes the agents’ productivity, since their time is spent only on active, live phone calls. Studies have shown that this strategy increases talktime productivity by almost 300%.

Potential Uses: Anytime you want to optimize your staff’s time. Predictive dialers are typically used for customer service, fund-raising, market research and collections.

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