Outbound, Inbound, IVR, Social Media, Email, Chat
A complete omnichannel solution
Customers don’t only think in terms of channels – they think in terms of finding an answer to their question or a solution to their problem.
customer support
System Uptime
Global active stations
A complete omnichannel solution
Our cloud based solution enables your team to connect with your customers where and when it matters the most.
Increase service quality and reduce agent burn-outs with automated screen pop-ups and media delivery policies.
Broadcast, send, receive, and assign instant-messages effectively reaching your audience.
Help your team manage large volumes of emails, sorted and prioritized to agent’s individual skills while providing your…
Gain valuable insights with our key performance metrics, monitoring tools and media channels to secure your clients. Provide a faster service and connect directly through social channels for an improved customer experience.
Live Chat
The fastest and most efficient way to connect to your clients on the web. Connect with your customers by…
Reporting + modules
Feedback Management: Customized KPIs and reporting, Real Time Supervision. Increase customer satisfaction, improve resource…
Integrate to any backoffice
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