Debt Collection

At CCDS we have striven to give your third-party debt recovery and debt management call center the advantage it needs to increase debt recovery rates while significantly cutting down on the infrastructure demands and lost time associated with maintaining a hardware-based predictive dialing system. With CCDS debt collection call center management and optimization suites, your agents will never again lose time connecting with debtors. And, what's more, our packages equip your agents with the interface they need to organize and promptly access the information they need to reach debtors during optimal times to make successful recoveries and keep your company on the path to growth and prosperity.

Debt Collection Software

CCDS offers one of the most comprehensive and productive debt collection call center software packages. Our debt collection software allows your agents to achieve faster, more efficient, and smoother communication with debtors, while meeting the highest standards in business ethics.

Our software packages will ensure that your agents only take calls that are connected with the debtor, freeing your agents to contact more debtors per day. What’s more, CCDS’s debt collection call center management suites give your company the edge by providing your team with detailed and comprehensive call logging and historical reporting information, so they can swiftly pinpoint the best times to reach particular debtors, directly increasing the chances of making recoveries.

With CCDS debt collection software, your agents will be able to ensure professional, effective contact with debtors by giving them user-friendly access to scripts and worksheets for taking notes and keeping track of vital debtor information. By concentrating all of these features in a single application with a customizable interface, your management headaches are instantly cured as training time is reduced and agents are better able to focus on informed, constructive contact with debtors.

While CCDS debt collection call center management suites will instantly and drastically improve your debt recovery rates, they also bring your infrastructure maintenance costs down to the bare minimum, making your third-party debt collection call center more flexible and better able to adapt to changes in the market.

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